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I have been a psychotherapist for over forty years. I started my career working with adolescents and

families. I then labored in a methadone clinic for two where I was first exposed to severe addiction, legal and 

illegal. I have worked in hospitals as a clinician, and a school as social worker and coach. I became an

alcoholic in mid-life, and have been sober for eight years. I understand the internal experience of addiction

bizarre as it is, and I think these internal experiences define the addict. I have my own ideas about 

recovery coming out my experience, and the stories of hundreds of others struggling with substances I know.

I am comfortable within or outside of the A.A. model. Sobriety is the goal and there are many roads that lead to 

the same place. I work with many people who have alcohol related offenses and am comfortable 

corresponding with the courts. I have a blog which lays out some of my ideas about treatment. Please 

feel free to get back to me at I am married with two boys,17 and 20.




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