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Alcohol is different in its origin, history, and use then any other substance. It has qualities, and induces effects that are unique.

When I speak about the uniqueness of liquor, I am speaking as a recovering alcoholic, trying to relate the weird places alcohol took me somewhere starting in my forties.Up until that age, my drinking had a ceiling. After three or four drinks I would be tired, more quiet, spaced out, and most of all, physically uncomfortable. There were occasions where I drank until I passed out, but I never had a blackout. Fatigue usually overwhelmed me before I could do too much damage. I married in my forties and (Thank G-d) we had and have two children. Looking back, I think before this period I drank for pleasure or to deal with boredom and depression. The end result was sleep. With marriage and children the reasons for drinking changed. I was not depressed, and certainly not bored. I was, though, often tense, anxious, and angry. I drank quicker and meaner. I began experiencing levels of inebriation I never knew existed. I thought of Dante's Levels of Hell, even though I never read the Inferno. It seemed like a good metaphor as liquor took me to psychic places I never knew existed. I was awake and so drunk, and kept drinking because I didn't feel drunk enough. Then came the blackouts. I wasn't aware of me, but others were. Terrifying.and humiliating. But being an alcoholic, it happened more then once. If you are reading, and this is happening, stop the nonsense. Because if this is happening to you it makes


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