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General psychotherapy practice: My clients come from diverse backgrounds. I treat adolescents facing social and academic pressures, as well as those stymied by childhood trauma. I treat couples that are in crisis or simply need to get through a rough patch in their relationship, and individuals looking for a safe and confidential place to explore challenges facing them, whether personal or professional.


Substance abuse counseling and evaluations: I typically take attorney referrals in impaired-driving cases, doing an initial assessment and making recommendations to the court and probation departments. My approach to clients facing alcohol- or drug-related charges is twofold: to help them examine and control their urge to use and/or drink and to try to lessen the impact of what could be devastating legal consequences.

Driver's license assessments: I help clients complete an assessment toward the reinstatement of their driving privileges.



My hourly fees range from $90 to $150 per hour. I will try when I can to accommodate a client's financial circumstances.. Payment is expected on the date of service.


I accept most insurance plans, including Aetna, PPOM, Humana, Medicare, MESSA, Care Choices, some HMOs and some Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan policies.


I also accept credit cards.





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